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Cutting edge technology
to the problem of equine lameness
With the IoniCare® System 3, Equine OrthoCare is returning the award winning and clinically proven BioniCare® technology to its original roots.
The original technolgy was developed to address equine lameness. When they realized the human potential, the former owners of the technology abandoned the equine market to pursue human use through the BioniCare name.
Equine OrthoCare, LLC is proud to make the IoniCare technology available to horse owners around the world.
Effectively treating Joint and Connective Tissue Injuries including:
  • Coffin Joint
  • Fetlock
  • Knee
  • Hock
  • Ligament and Tendon Injury
  • Bucked Shins
  • Bicipital Bursitis
  • Non-union fractures
  • Splint Bone Fractures
  • Non- displaced Fractures
  • Sesamoid Fractures
  • Cervical spine (neck) injury
  • or cervical facet arthritis

Lame Horse?

Are you taking advantage of the most effective therapy available?

Lameness therapy alternatives are not all created equal.

Your horse can experience:
Real Recovery from Lameness™ throughReal Science with Real Results from the easy to apply and use: IoniCare® System 3

You can learn more about Equine Lameness from the Ground Up from recognized authority Daniel V. Flynn, VMD in a video.

Real Results

"Real Recovery from Lameness" is a bold statement, but it is backed up by actual treatment results with hundreds of horses experiencing lameness.

The effectiveness of the IoniCare System in treating causes of equine lameness has been proved by years of field testing by equine veterinarians, trainers and horse owners in the United States.

The IoniCare System technology has been used in equine veterinary practice to successfully treat joint and connective tissue injuries including bone, cartilage, tendon and ligament.

When properly used, the System is safe and has no known adverse side effects. The technology on which the System is based has been designated a non-significant risk device by the FDA

Real Recovery

With correct diagnosis and proper treatment with the IoniCare System, in most cases you can expect a real recovery from many conditions causing lameness.

Designed to address the underlying cause of the disease by promoting 
the growth, repair and maintenance 
of joint and other connective tissue.

The healing process leads to reduced pain and improved function.

Effective treatment for a variety of equine orthopedic issues including:
Traumatic and degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) 
Connective tissue injuries
Without drugs, injections, or surgery

The IoniCare System adapts for equine use clinically proven, patented, and award winning BioniCare® human technology, which has been shown to both reduce pain and provide an over-all improvement of the arthritic joint.

Real Science

The IoniCare System is based on the scientific research demonstrating that external electrical field therapies positively influence natural repair mechanisms of bone, cartilage and other connective tissue.

Active healthy joints naturally produce electrical fields as they are used. These fields trigger the natural repair mechanism of bone, cartilage and other connective tissue.

Wear and tear, injury, or disease can impair the strength and effectiveness of these electrical fields, inhibiting the repair process, resulting in further deterioration.

The IoniCare System generates a specific electrical field within the treatment site designed to mimic or enhance the internal electrical fields that are naturally produced in the body.

This electrical field is believed to:

Stimulate the body's natural healing
and restorative processes.

Accelerate normal healng processes by augmenting or substituting for diminished healing and restorative signals to the affected cell structures.

Energize cells to accelerate the normal healing and regenerative processes of the body.

Reduce inflammation.

More information on IoniCare science.
"I wholeheartedly recommend IoniCare. I feel confident it will help prolong your horse's career."
Philip Dutton
Dual Olympic Gold Medalist
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