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Using IoniCare

How to Use
Pad Placement Guide

"We have found the compact and uncomplicated package easy to apply and use. It has become another part of the daily routine. Our grooms have had not problem mastering the process."

C. Beale (Woodberry)
Payne, Ingleside Training Center

Components of the IoniCare System

The key components of the IoniCare System are:

  1. IoniCare Signal generator--a small battery powered device that generates the treatment signal that provides the therapeutic benefit. It will support two treatment sites simultaneously.

  2. Treatment Pad--a replaceable Pad that applies the signal from the generator to the site being treated.

  3. Return Element--attracts the signal from the Treatment Pad through the treated site to complete the circuit. It is positioned on the underside of a proprietary Surcingle.

  4. Surcingle--specifically designed to ensure that the Return Element maintains proper contact with the animal for effective signal flow. It holds two Return Elements and has a pocket for the Signal Generator.

  5. Conductive Gel--assures a good signal flow between the Treatment Pad/Return Element and the skin

IoniCare System Operation

After the components are positioned, the Generator is turned on and the level of the signal is increased until the animal reacts to the tingling sensation. The signal level is then reduced slightly so the horse no longer senses the signal.

The Signal Generator sends a specifically pulsed signal through a flexible wire to the Treatment Pad covering the treatment site. The signal bathes the treatment site creating the desired therapeutic electrical field and then flows through the body to the Return Element in the Surcingle.

For more details on how to apply and use the System click here. To see a video on applying the System click here.

A Unique Way To Treat Orthopedic Problems

In brief here's how the IoniCare® System 3 works with the joint's natural healing function:

  1. A healthy joint creates an electrical field when in use.

  2. The electrical field activates natural repair and regeneration in the joint tissue.

  3. When a joint is compromised by osteoarthritis and other joint problems, the electrical field strength is decreased, reducing repair and regeneration activity.

  4. The compromised joint cannot repair itself as fast as it wears out, resulting in a gradual degeneration of the joint.

  5. The System is designed to mimic the joint's natural electrical field, increasing the repair and regeneration, allowing the joint to - in effect - heal itself.

For a more detailed discussion of this process click here.

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Find out what the IoniCare® System 3 can do for you.

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