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Bone Cases

Splint Bone Fracture - Sophie

April 12, Before Treatment
July 7, After Treatment

Sophie, a 6-year old thoroughbred mare at Forrest Hill Stable, suffered a right front splint bone fracture. Radiographs taken April 12, 2012 at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington showed a fracture in the upper one third of the bone. Under the direction of Chris Newton, DVM, of Rood and Riddle, treatment with the IoniCare System was started on May 10, 2012. A total of 26  3-hour treatments were given between then and June 8. Follow-up radiographs taken on July 10 showed no significant abnormalities and continued remodeling of the proximal second metacarpal bone with the comment "looks good."

Veterinarian: Chris Newton, DVM, Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, Lexington, KY

Canon Bone "J" Fracture - Mr. Pistacho

Before Treatment
Two month follow-up

Mr. Pistacho, a 3-year old thoroughbred in Venezuela sustained a "J" fracture of the left front canon bone during a race on March 20, 2011. On March 23 treatment with the IoniCare System was initiated. On April 23, the horse ran 800 meters  without saddle for evaluation, The jockey said all went well but noted a little discomfort. Treatment continued and on May 8 Mr. Pistacho ran a 1600 meter race, winning with a new track record.  (See radiographs.)

Veterinarian:Veterinarian: Julio A. De Jesús L., Médico Veterniario, Caracas, Venezuela