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How To Use

Pad Placement Guide

Step 1.

Have all components ready to use, including a fully charged battery. Also, have a sponge and wiping cloth available.

Step 2.

Lay out the Surcingle with underside up on a flat surface or back of the horse and apply an even coat of gel to the contact surface of the Return Element (black mesh section) to be used. Rub gel thoroughly into the contact surface and spread it evenly to create a thick coat. To treat a limb on the left side of the body, apply gel to the Return Element on the left end of the Surcingle (under the generator pocket). When treating a limb on the right side of the body, use the right end Return Element (under the logo).

Step 3.

Apply conductive gel thoroughly to the hair and skin of the area on the horse’s side(s) that will touch the contact surface(s) of the Return Element(s) on the Surcingle. Rub in a circular motion against the grain of the hair to saturate. The gel, will allow proper conduction of the Signal between the body and the contact surface(s).

Step 4.

Place the Surcingle on the horse behind the withers and secure evenly with the belllyband straps.I fully recommend the IoniCare System for healing lesions and preventing injuries."

Step 5.

Be sure the Signal Generator is turned off and has a fully charged battery, then insert it into the pocket on the Surcingle.

Step 6.

Attach the Treatment/Return Wire to the Channel 1 (or 2) output jack of the Signal Generator through the retaining loop.

Step 7.

Connect the red tipped Return Wire to any of the 3 contact snaps on the side of the Surcingle to be used.

Step 8.

Select the appropriately sized Treatment Pad for the area being treated. If this is the first use of the Pad, also write in the start date.

A Step 9.

Connect the longer, black tipped Treatment Wire to the contact snap on the Treatment Pad.

Step 10.

Apply gel thoroughly and evenly to create a thick coat on the contact surface of the Treatment Pad.

Step 11.

Apply conductive gel thoroughly to the hair and skin of the area to be treated and covered by the Treatment Pad. Rub in a circular motion against the grain of the hair to saturate. If this is an area of thick hair, it is recommended gel also be applied to the treatment side and worked in thoroughly.Note: If planning to treat longer than four hours, refresh the gel on the Treatment Pad and ensure that the treatment site is still moist.

Step 12.

Carefully position the Treatment Pad to cover the area to be treated. Always position the Treatment Wire on the outside of the limb. Learn more about the proper Pad position by treatment site.

Step 13.

Secure the Pad in position with a soft bandaging wrap. Use the same care as would normally be used in bandaging or wrapping the area to avoid constricting vessels, tendons, or ligaments. When treating the foot, a self-adhering bandaging wrap may be used in order to securely hold the pad in place.

Step 14.

Turn the Generator on and SLOWLY increase Signal level on the appropriate channel until the horse reacts, indicating it senses the signal.Then REDUCE the signal level SLIGHTLY until the horse no longer senses the signal and appears comfortable.Details on using the System are provided in the IoniCare System 3 User Operating Manual.

Treating limbs on both sides

When treating limbs on both sides of the body at the same time, apply gel to both Return Elements on the Surcingle, wet both sides of the horse, and repeat steps 6-14 for the second limb.

Review the User Operating Manual for Complete Instructions

Before attempting to apply and use the System, review the IoniCare System 3 User Operating Manual, which can be found here.
Note: This large file make take extra time to download.