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Joint Cases

White Line Disease - Ralph

Ralph, a 16-year old warm blood gelding at Notch Hill Farm was diagnosed with white line disease with secondary severe coffin bone rotation in the right front foot on January 12, 2012. The coffin bone was only 1mm from penetrating the sole. The initial treatment was special shoeing and Bute. Under the direction of Dr. Scott Morrison, DVM, of Rood & Riddle, treatment with the IoniCare System was started on February 29, 2912 and Bute was discontinued. Ralph received 30 treatments totaling 90 hours over a 7 week period. At that point Ralph had completely recovered and has remained sound without medication. According to Dr. Morrison Ralph now has normal hoof and sole growth.

Veterinarian: Scott Morrision, DVM, Podiatry Specialist, The Podiatry Center, Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, Lexington, KY and The Podiatry Center, The Sanctuary, Ocala, FL

Coffin Joint/Navicular Bursa - Hamp's Champ

Hamp's Champ, a 14-year old thoroughbred gelding at Life Adventure Center of the Bluegrass, was examined on Dec. 15, 2011 by Dr. True Baker, DVM, of Woodford Equine Hospital, Versailles, KY. 

He blocked out with an Abaxial block in the left front. The foot was then soaked daily to promote drainage and wore an icthanol pack daily until the foot drained. 
Upon examination on Feb. 1, 2012 he showed lameness left front blocked 80% to DP and 100% to Abaxial with moderate coffin joint effusion. The LF coffin joint was injected and he was given 2 grams of Bute orally once daily for two days and put on stall rest for two days. 
By March 14 the horse was lame again and treatment was started with the IoniCare System. The horse was treated 6 days per week for 3 hours per day for 8 weeks. 
After 4 weeks the horse was sound. At 6 weeks the horse began work under saddle and remained sound. 
On May 10, 2012 treatment was reduced to 3 days per week at 3 hours per day. 
On June 15 Champ developed colic and went off the unit for 4 weeks. On July 9, 2012 horse started back to work under saddle and IoniCare treatment was resumed at 3 treatments per week. 
On July 31, 2012 Dr. Baker observed "The unit did really well. He's all better." 

Veterinarian: W. True Baker, DVM, Woodford Equine Hospital, Versailles, KY