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Real Science

In a normal healthy joint there is a delicate balance between the breakdown and rebuilding process to maintain a healthy cartilage environment in spite of the wear and tear of daily activities.

Since cartilage cells differ from other animal cells in that they have no blood, lymphatic, or nerve supply, they depend on certain internal electrical fields to signal repair and regeneration activity. These electrical fields stimulate and regulate cartilage cell function. 

In a healthy joint, these internal electrical fields are generated when cartilage is compressed by weight bearing and movement.

With osteoarthritis and other joint problems the repair process becomes inhibited and the breakdown process overcomes the balance, resulting in a gradual deterioration of the cartilage.

This imbalance leads to deterioration of the mechanical properties of cartilage because cartilage cells are unable to maintain or restore the composition and structure of cartilage.

This in turn causes a reduction in the strength of the internal electrical fields in the joint.

In a vicious cycle, this drop in electrical field strength means that cartilage cells do not experience the normal level of stimulus, leading to a decrease in the manufacture of aggrecan and Type II collagen--the building blocks of cartilage.

This further contributes to cartilage degeneration, the formation of clefts and fissures within it, and ultimately to the total destruction of cartilaginous surface that overlies articulating regions of the joint.

The IoniCare® System 3 delivers a patented, highly optimized, pulsed electrical signal to the treatment site creating a specific electrical field designed to mimic the specific electrical fields that are generated in an active healthy joint.

The System applies the electrical field in such a way thatis believed to restore to normal the strength of the natural internal electrical fields that have been diminished as a result of tissue injury or disease.

This appears to both promote regenerative factors andinterrupt or inhibit degenerative and inflammatory processes.

It is believed that by replacing or restoring the impaired electrical fields in the unhealthy joint,cartilage cell genes are stimulated to direct production of the cartilage matrix building blocks and foster formation of new cartilage cells.

In that way, the breakdown and repair imbalance can be arrested or reversed.

For a more detailed description of the IoniCare science and technology click here.

"It's a fix, not a patch....The IoniCare unit is most impressive."

- Jay Golding, Trainer, Laureling Farms

Clinically Proven Technology

The IoniCare® System 3 is an authorized equine adaptation and application of the patented technology used in the award winning Bionicare® Knee Device, which has been clinically demonstrated to be effective in treating osteoarthritis of the human knee.

More than 80,000 human patients have been treated with Bionicare technology since 2003, and it has been shown to be comparable in effect with a total knee replacement.
The BioniCare® technology has been the subject of at least 5 published studies. View the BioniCare research

In the IoniCare System, this technology has been specifically adapted for application to horses and other large animals.

"Your time is cut probably in half from conventional ways of treating horses"

 - Rodney Jenkins

The Signal flowing through a joint, creating a therapeutic electrical field. (computer generated model)