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The opinions and experiences expressed are solely those of the authors. Individual results may vary.
Actual results depend on a variety of factors including:

While treatment with the System can result in improvement in a condition, IT DOES NOT ASSURE WINNING

A thoroughbred trainer's experience

"In my 40 years around the track, this is by far the most successful form of therapy, with the quickest recovery time, of any system I have encountered or experienced.
I am currently treating about half the horsed in the barn. We are treating feet, ankles, tendons, suspensories, inflammed arytenoids, conduits and stifles, all with great success. The science supports what we see both with x-rays and ultrasounds. The injuries improve quickly with improved healing in up to half the time.
If the old expression "time is money" means anything to you, this form of therapy will save you both. It will also save money in vet bills as well.
I highly recommend it."

Tim F. Ritchey
Multiple Grade Stakes Winning Trainer
Tim F. Ritchey Racing Stables
August 2013

The U.S. Show Jumping Team Equine Physiotherapist's experience

"The IoniCare System is an efficient, versatile pre- and post-performance tool for equine athletes. My clients who use it are continually impressed by the effect it has on their horses, especially when used before competition. Additionally, its usability as a regular maintenance tool can offer increased competitive longevity in our equine athletes.
I use a variety of modalities including ultrasound and other electro-stim, but have found the IoniCare System to be in a league all its own, based on its applications for joint damage, particularly coffin joints, which is especially useful for the jumpers. The flexibility of the System enables application to different joints, and multiple joints simultaneously, in an efficient unit that can be set and left on the horse, and administered by virtually anyone in the barn.
The versatile IoniCare System works well in conjunction with, and complimentary to other treatment modalities. Ultimately, its usability as a stand-alone product has won me over, and it is a product I think every competitor should own."

Janus Marquis
Equine Physiotherapist
U.S. Show Jumping Team
September 2013

An Event Rider and Trainer's Experience

"I started using the Equine OrthoCare's IoniCare devise this year to promote healing and on other horses as a preventative to reduce inflammation. I have been really impressed with the improvement on each horse. I whole- heartedly recommend IoniCare. I feel confident it will help prolong your horse's career."

Philip Dutton
November 2014

A Dressage Horse Trainer's Experience

"I am very impressed with the good results we have experienced since we began using the Equine OrthoCare IoniCare System. It is amazing to see how quickly it heals the lesions on soft tissues and it prevents the development of common injuries. With daily use of the unit, the horses recuperate and they perform better and better every day. That is exactly what we trainers need in order to improve the condition of our horses.
I fully recommend the IoniCare System for healing lesions and preventing injuries."

Marco Bernal
Marco Bernal Dressage International
April 2013

A Trotter Trainer's Experience

"I started using the IoniCare System about 4 years ago when my veterinarian recommended I use it for a 3-year old mare that had arthritis in her knees. I talked to another trainer who was having success with IoniCare and decided I would try it. I was able to race her for 2 more years and she was second in 2 big races and won a couple hundred thousand dollars. I know that with IoniCare she wouldn't have made it. The success I had with the mare led me to try treating other conditions on other horses. I've had success treating sore feet, knees, and even some backs and hips.
It made a big difference on my top horse, Royalty For Life. In his 2-year old season I noticed hew was coming off the ground too quick, and digging his toes in, not hitting flat on the ground. I tried injections but the problem persisted. About midway through his season, I decided to try the IoniCare System on his feet. At the beginning I used it about an hour a day (now I treat longer). After only 2 weeks of treatment I could already see that he was more comfortable and landing flatter. He did well the rest of that year and had an outstanding 3-year old season, winning the Hambletonian and then the Canadian Trotting Classic in a stakes record-tying time of 1:52.2. He qualified for the final in the Breeders Crown but developed a chip in the knee, so I pulled him out. He still finished number 4 on the 2013 earnings list for Harness Racing, number 3 among 3-year olds, and was the number 2 Trotter. I think the IoniCare System was a big reason Royalty For Life was named the 2013 Three Year Old Trotter of the Year by the United States Harness Writer's Association.
The chip was removed last fall and we turned him out for 4 months. Since we brought him back, we continue to treat his feet with the IoniCare System to prevent a reoccurrence of his foot problems, and are also treating the knee to make sure it stays healthy.
I have another horse that has been wearing the System for the last 2 years on his feet and has made about $250,000. I use it on as many horses as I can and am getting more units to be able to treat more horses.
The System is easy to use and fits into our routine. It takes less than 5 minutes to put on a horse then we usually just let them be loose in the stall for a few hours. It takes even less time to remove. It usually goes on right after the horse's post workout bath. We treat as many as 5 horses per day with one unit.
It is absolutely worth the time and effort. I've had great success with the IoniCare System. It helps maintain my horses at the level I want them to stay at, even though they are racing every week. I recommend it!

George Ducharme
Norfolk, MA
April 2014

An Event Horse Trainer's Experience

"In an ever changing world of soft tissue injury treatment, the way the IoniCare System works makes sense to me. It is as successful if not more so than other, invasive, therapies with zero risk of infection or complications from surgery. We are currently 14 months from the initial 15% tendon tear and are having great success with out 3-day eventer, Will Smith, returning him back to full competition soundness. [View details] He has completed his CIC** qualifications and heads to the Fair Hill International CCI**."

Danny Warrington
October 10, 2013

"Will Smith closed the 2013 season by finishing 10th in the National Division at the Fair Hill International in Maryland. Following a winter in Texas, he has competed at another event in Fair Hill and another in New Jersey. He has been elevated to the 3 star level in his competitions. Since his initial treatment with IoniCare in 2012-13, he continues to receive treatment every day. He has continued to remain sound and comes out of competitions in good shape.
IoniCare is the most effective and innovative treatment I have ever seen."

Danny Warrington
May 2014

A Thoroughbred Trainer and Hall of Fame Show Jumper's Experience

"It starts a blood flow a lot better to most injuries. Your time is cut probably in half from conventional ways of treating horses.... I've used it pretty much on everything. What I like about it, the horses take the treatment wonderful.... [I've used it on] bucked shins, suspensory problem...even an old bowed tendon...I would say that the thing went down half the size.... I think it really helps a lot because you cut your time, space down, you can get back to racing quicker."

Rodney Jenkins, aka The Red Rider, The Crown Prince of Show Jumping
National Show Hunter Hall of Fame
Show Jumping Hall of Fame
Graded Stakes Winning Trainer
October 24, 2012

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A Show Horse Breeder's Experience

"I have been raising and showing horses and breeding stock: conformation hunter and some dressage, since 1973. I was one of the first original users and testers of the IoniCare System ever since Dr. Flynn began working with it in about 1976. In most cases the improvement has been significant. The most common problems we have seen are tendon and ligament issues. The IoniCare System has been very effective at reducing the fluid and inflammation in the joint. More recently we have been treating several horses with neck injuries that have restricted their range of motion. We have seen significant improvement in muscle tone and mass and in range of motion. The IoniCare System has become an important tool for keeping our horses healthy and functioning."

Diana Dodge, Nokomis Farm
June 2012

A Thoroughbred Trainer's Experience

"Since March of 2011, I have treated about 30 Thoroughbreds in my training and rehab barn with the IoniCare System. We have found the compact and uncomplicated package easy to apply and use. It has become another part of the daily routine. Our grooms have had no problem mastering the process. We usually treat 3 horses per day with each unit.

The System has been very effective at treating bucked shins. We have treated about a half dozen horses with shins. Soreness is usually gone in just a few days and lameness is usually gone in a couple weeks. I like the fact that we can get them back into training while continuing to treat. In my experience, it usually takes 4-6 weeks or longer to get back to training in cases like this if we don't apply the treatment.

We have also experienced significant success in treating chronic ankle and foot problems, green osselets, annular ligament problems, degenerative arthritis, juicy knees and developmental bone lesions.

We have used the IoniCare System in several tendon cases. Ultrasound shows nice longitudinal healing vs. the cross hatch pattern that usually develops in an injured area. With some cases the healed area appears completely normal in ultrasounds. I have seen zone 1 to 3 core lesions healing in 3 months which is exceptionally fast, in my opinion.

We have also found the System effective in treating cases that have failed to respond to conventional treatments, and find it effective in maintaining joint health. We will keep some horses on it perpetually.

I would never give up my IoniCare devices.

C. Beale (Woodberry) Payne, Ingleside Training Center, Montpelier Station, VA

See interview with Woodberry and Dr. Flynn.

View Woodberry and Dr. Flynn discuss specific conditions successfully treated.

Grand Prix Competitor's Experience

"I started using the IoniCare System towards the end of the 2013 Winter Equestrian Festival on horses that I found got footsore from the demands of the winter circuit. I am thrilled with the results I have seen! This product has made my horses more comfortable on a daily basis, has been perfect for post competition treatments to attack the target areas quickly, and has made injections last longer, if they have been needed at all! 

It is definitely a system that I believe in and trust."

Lauren Crooks
Crooks Show Jumping
July 2013

A Show Horse Trainer's Experience

I was one of the first users of the IoniCare unit when it was [first] introduced probably twenty-five years ago. I have probably treated closed to one hundred horses since then, and easily twenty-five to thirty cases in the last five years.

My most recent case was lame bilaterally with some filling in his ankles. I tried the IoniCare on him and it reduced the filling in one day. He was sound by the second day which was remarkably fast. Reality is for him to be a truly sound horse he would need ongoing regular treatment for at least a couple of months with the unit.

I have had two horses with bicipital bursitis. One of the horses had not been sound for two or three years. We saw improvement within two weeks. We continued treatment for five or six months and he is sound and has been showing for three years. I had another case, not as ongoing, however the horse was quite lame. Within one week of starting treatment he was quite sound. I continued treating the horse for three months. The horse is still sound and showing three years later as well. Needless to say, my veterinarian had injected both horses, but to no avail.

I had another horse with under run front heels. This conditions stressed his ankles quite a bit. I had to inject his ankles more often that I would have liked. Unfortunately, this was ongoing with no real veterinary answer. I decided to try the unit on him. It was used five or six days a week for around six months, during which time the horse continued showing. He had a heavy indoor show schedule and many trials during the fall circuit. When he was vetted he was really sound and is still sound years later.

I had a horse with a lesion in his lateral collateral ligament (foot) who was basically sound in two and a half months. I kept the unit on him for three months and never looked back.

I have seen very quick improvement in some horses, although it is usually a longer term process. 

It is a cure, not just continual patching, and obviously non-invasive. 

The IoniCare unit is most impressive."

Jay Golding
Show horse trainer
Laureling Farms

See 9/20/11 interview with Jay Golding and Dr. Flynn.

A Thoroughbred Trainer's Experience

In the year that we have been [using the IoniCare System] we have probably treated in excess of 30 horses.... This unit applies real well to knees, shins, ankles, tendons, bulbs of the heel, splints or suspensory injuries.... [The IoniCare units] are an integral part of what we are doing."

A. Ferris Allen III
May 25, 2012

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A Show Horse Trainer's Experience

Every horse I've done it on it helped....supsensories, high and low, coffin joints....I've used in on any of my soft tissue. It's been very helpful.... I can't say enough about it.

Pam Baker, Hillcrest Farms
March 2013

View an interview with Pam Baker.

A Thoroughbred Trainer's Experience

Interview with multiple graded stakes winning trainer Timothy F. Ritchey. June 11, 2013

"EOC: "Would you describe you experience using the [IoniCare System]?"

Ritchey: It's been very positive actually. The two horses we started with were both 2-year olds. Both had some tendon strains, some filling, some inflammation, tendons were thickened. And after using that product, and we ultrasounded the horses before we started, redid them about every 30 days, and I was absolutely amazed at the amount of healing and the inflammation that came down after 30 days of [treatment]. We basically hand walked them, another 30 days of hand walking with the machine, and after 60 days, with a horse that would normally need six months to a year, we were looking at starting to jog both horses, and they were back.

One was a filly, a 2-year old filly, and she moved foreward. We kept ultrasounding both of them. She actually ran within two or three months of the treatment. And the second horse, the colt, he ran the other day and ran very well. You look at both tendons now and it looks like there's absolutely nothing, that the there never was an injury to them. So I was pleased with that. We're using it on a couple horse that had full blown tendons, and they are responding very well.

The beauty of the machine, I think, is that, once you get over the initial inflammation, get everything under control, and observe it with ultrasounds, then you can start to lightly train your horse. And that will also tighten that tendon up as well. So you get a horse that you can start to jog easily, be conscientious with the ultrasounds, and once you get an OK, start lightly galloping, which is where we are with the two older bows. You're going to cut down on a lot of time off

And it's an easy system to use. You put it on the leg, they don't seem to mind a little bit, and you just go from there. If you can get it on 2 or 3 hours a day, you are in great shape."

EOC: "So it fits into your barn routine very well?"

Ritchey: "Yes. What we do is I put one early and one late with these two that get it a long time. The late horse gets it first thing in the morning; the early horse trains, and whenever it comes off him, it goes on the other horse. They tolerate it real well. They can eat hay; they can move around the stall; it's no problem at all."

EOC: "So the two horses that you've already treated that have gone on to race since receiving the treatment, or since starting the treatment, how were they coming off the race?"

Richey: "Oh, they were great, both. The one horse has run twice, the other horse has run once, and like I said, they never had any more inflammation in the tendons at all. And what I've done with them is just kind of do it every other day with both of those horse as more of a precautionary and maintenance. And like I said, if you looked at them now, and you even had a vet ultrasound them, you'd never know there was any kind of problem six, eight months ago."

Watch interview.

Storm on the Run, Thoroughbred

"This thoroughbred filly had a severe right front annular ligament problem [desmitis, and tendinitis in the flexor tendon], and we thought she was finished. She had had a nice start in her maiden race but got worse through the season. She took 4 or 5 months off with no improvement. There was lots of juice in the joint and she was loading the left leg and starting to get the same problem there. 

I thought the IoniCare System would help because I had had success with original Ionicare product years ago. We started treating on 3/16/11, and were able to start light training after just a few days of treatment. After 6 weeks, we were able to start breezing her. In her first race after starting treatment she did OK. We have continued to treat her and she has had several close seconds at Colonial. She had a good race at Laurel and raced again 10/26/11, where she led part of the race before tiring. The track vets keep asking me how I am keeping her going."

C. Beale (Woodberry) Payne, Thoroughbred Trainer

Northport, Horseshoe Hill Farm

"My first experience with IoniCare turned me into a believer. My horse had a splint [left front] at least the size of a golf ball that was very active/painful. I was worried that it may be fractured.We initially treated the splint with the conventional method (ice, rest, cortisone shots) and were getting little results if any. We then started using the IoniCare unit on the splint and almost immediately started seeing results. Eventually the splint became inactive and started shrinking in size. Even though my veterinarian didn't think the splint would get smaller, it went down to roughly 1/4 the original size.After unsuccessfully dealing with the splint for so long, I believe that the IoniCare [System] encouraged and accelerated the healing process. It gave us results that we would not have seen otherwise. My horse was put back in full work and has begun to show again.These results were too dramatic to ignore -- so I started asking what else we could us the IoniCare [System] for."

Jennifer Weaver

Royalty For Life, Trotter

"Royalty For Life was named the 2013 Three Year Old Trotter of the Year by the United States Harness Writer's Association. It wouldn't have happened without the IoniCare System. In 2012, midway through his 2-year old season, I could see he was digging his toes in. He wasn't hitting flat on the ground and coming off the ground too quickly. His feet were obviously sore, but nothing was apparent in x-rays or other tests. I tried injections but the problem persisted. I was having success treating a mare with arthritic knees using the IoniCare System. and learned that there was a special treatment pad for the foot and fetlock. I decided to try IoniCare treatment on his feet. After only 2 weeks he was landing flatter and was obviously more comfortable. He went on to make around $300,000 that year. At the beginning I only used it an hour a day, but now I do at least 2 hours per day, seven days a week when he is racing.
In 2013 he won 7 of 14 starts and was 2nd twice, winning nearly $1.3 million. He won both the Hambletonian and the Canadian Trotting Classic, the US and Canadian premier harness racing events. He qualified for the final of the Breeders Crown, but the wear and tear of competition caught up with him and he developed a chip in the knee in the process, so we pulled him out. He still finished number 4 on the 2013 earnings list for Harness Racing, number 3 among 3-year olds, and was the number 2 Trotter. The chip was removed in the fall of 2013, and he was turned out for 4 months. He is back for the 2014 season and continues with daily IoniCare therapy on his feet to prevent the return of any foot problems, because the hard tracks we run on make sore feet a constant concern. We are also using IoniCare treatment on the knee to make sure it remains healthy. I'm very happy with the results I've seen with the IoniCare System."

George Ducharme
Norfolk, MA
April 2014

Superstar, European Performance Horses

"Superstar, Reserve Champion, 2001, 2004 was showing lameness in front left leg and unable to perform. Our vet determined the problem was inflammation in the foot causing pressure on the nerve. He recommended using the IonicCare System. After 6 weeks of treatment, Superstar was performing better than ever. It is an amazing device."

Gerd Reuter 
European Performance Horses

Mr. Pistacho, Thoroughbred

"Mr. Pistacho, a 3 year old thoroughbred, and two time Invictus winner in Venezuela, was injured in his third race (20 March, 2011), but still placed third. He had a "J" stress fracture of the canon bone. Treatment with the IoniCare System was started on March 23. On April 23 he ran 800m for evaluation. The jockey noted all went well but there was still some discomfort. Treatment continued and Mr. Pistacho raced on 8 May (1600m) winning wire to wire and setting a new track record. He won the Classic Horse Owners Association race going away on 2 October."

NOTE: While treatment with the System can result in improvement in a condition,IT DOES NOT ASSURE WINNING

Tate, Warmblood

"Tate, a warm blood gelding, suffered severe osteo problems including arthritis and deterioration of the coffin bone. He hadn't been ridden for a year and a half. Several vets had recommended he be put down.After using the IonicCare System for seven months Tate  is now being ridden. He is 95% improved and still getting better. I am thrilled and amazed. In all my years in the horse business, I have never seen anything like this."

Cindy Frank, Trainer Show/Hunter

Red Rover, Warmblood, Nokomis Farm

"Red Rover, a 4-year old warm blood gelding suffered a serious neck injury as a 2-year old, a crack-like fracture in the upper third of his neck involving the the axis or C-2. He developed serious muscle atrophy and stiffness in the neck. His neck was so stiff he could not back up without great difficulty and couldn't go into training. We then treated him with the IoniCare System and after about a year of treatment the atrophied muscle had filled in and his range of motion has improved so much that we were able to begin training."

Diana Dodge

Watch Dr. Flynn discuss this case.

Steely Choice, Argyle Racing (Australia)

"Steely Choice, a 6 year old Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare had not raced since 7 November 2009, when she finished dead last. She had severe joint problems. According to trainer Andrew Campbell of Argyle Racing, she had "completely broken down beyond all reasonable thing." She was sore even walking. After even surgery failed to help, she was treated with the IoniCare System 3 for 3 hours every day beginning at the end of March 2011. On 6 June 2011 she ran for the first time in 19 months in the 6th race at Australia's Seymour Racing Club and WON!"

Watch the TVN race broadcast and the post race interview with Andrew Campbell. 

NOTE: While treatment with the System can result in improvement in a condition, IT DOES NOT ASSURE WINNING

Harry Potter

"I was introduced to the IoniCare System a few months after I had rescued two horses. One of the horses I rescued is a 16 year old, 17.3 hand Irish warm blood named "Harry Potter."
He was severely undernourished and had multiple lameness issues. His lack of farrier and vet care just compounded his problems. I had limited options to try and ease his pain because the more weight I put on him the worse his joints and feet hurt. I was at the point to decide whether or not to put him down, seeing his daily excruciating pain. He would lie down in his stall and not be able to get back up without tremendous effort.
With nothing to lose, I started using the IoniCare System in August, and within a few weeks I could see a huge difference! He no longer had a hard time getting up, and I never dreamed this, but he is now just starting back under tack. 
I was very reluctant to use the IoniCare device at first, and would never have believed the results had I not seen them first hand with a "hopeless" case. I now use the System with my other show horses and it will be part of my training program for as long as I am in the horse business. No farm, no matter what the discipline, should be without one.

Adrea J. Frate, owner and head trainer
Fairfox Farms

See Harry after just 12 weeks of treatment with the IoniCare System.

Fiftyfour Forever, Thoroughbred

"Fiftyfour Forever, a 2 year old filly had shin issues in June. We treated daily with the IoniCare System for 8 weeks and she won her first start at Calder Maiden race (8/27/11)."

Carlo E. Vaccarzza

NOTE: While treatment with the System can result in improvement in a condition, IT DOES NOT ASSURE WINNING

Dressage Horse

"A four-year old dressage horse pulled his tendon twice in one year. After the second injury, we decided to star him on the IoniCare System and saw noticeable improvement within weeks. He was on stall rest with short periods of hand walking and grazing for the first four weeks. He also received icing and standing wraps at night. The machine was attached every morning for three or more hours. After four weeks of treatment, the swelling had dramatically reduced and he showed little sensitivity to the tendon. At that point we were able to increase his time hand walking and grazing. At eight weeks the tendon became more taught and the horse showed no sign of sensitivity. After twelve weeks of treatment the ultrasound showed full repair to the hole and the horse was classified as sound by the vet. We will continue with the current treatment program when the horse goes back to work to help repair any stress the tendon may incur."

Marco Bernal
April 2013

View before and after ultrasound images.

Curley, Warmblood, Nokomis Farm

"Curley was the first case we ever attempted to treat with the IoniCare System, and the result is what convinced me to continue to use it and obtain the results we have continued to see over the years. She suffered a tendon and ligament injury. She went on to show in the conformation division."

Diana Dodge

Keystone Manuel, Trotter

"Keystone Manuel received an injury to his pastern bone on Sept. 5, 2006 in a race. He tore a piece of bone from his pastern. I used the IoniCare device on Keystone Manuel an average of 3 hours per day, 5 days a week. He had quite a bit of fill and was sore for several weeks. I continued the IoniCare treatments all winter and on April 24, 2007 he had his first start. At that time there was no fill or soreness and nothing on palpitation. He went onto race 23 times that year with 5 wins. In the next four years he had 82 starts."

Joseph Flynn
South Grafton, MA

So Far Go, Thoroughbred

"So Far Go had a history of running well but had not been running well when we claimed him. We determined that he had a problem with his foot and applied the IoniCare System. After four days of treatment he ran a close second. We continued IoniCare treatment, and two weeks later, in his next outing, he won by 6 lengths. In his next start, after three more weeks of treatment, he ran second and was claimed. The results with this system were impressive.:

Dr. Joseph Orlando 

NOTE: While treatment with the System can result in improvement in a condition, IT DOES NOT ASSURE WINNING

Tribute, Horseshoe Hill Farm

"Tribute, a Brandenburg geldingI was devastated when I found my horse had a tendon injury [tendinitis combined with desmitis of the annular ligament in fetlock] and needed surgery. He had been my best show hunter. The site was very inflamed and painful to the horse. When the surgery was completed, I was given a 50/50 chance of getting him back. I was told by two veterinarians that the area would always be inflamed and that I should never expect the ultrasound to look like a normal horse.I started using the IoniCare unit on the surgery site and started seeing a decrease in inflammation immediately. After giving the injury time to heal and using the IoniCare System, the inflammation is now completely out of the site and I'm told the ultrasound looks like a "normal" horse would. When you look at both of the horse's front front legs you cannot tell which one had the surgery. I believe IoniCare took the inflammation out of the surgery site and encouraged the area to heal. The horse is now back in work and is sound at the walk/trot/canter and will start jumping soon. My goal is to once again compete with the horse on the same level as before."

Jennifer Weaver

Berolina, Horseshoe Farm

"Berolina, 10 year old Irish Gray Mare.About two years ago, Berolina had a hurt bow tendon [front leg]. For three months, the IoniCare System was used and it brought it right back down to normal. It kept working, so we kept using the System until about 2 months ago because she is perfect and staying sound. You wouldn't believe how perfect she is. It is a good machine that does a great job."

George Kerns, Farm Manager
January 2010

Exempt, Thoroughbred, Briar Lane Farm

"Exempt, a thoroughbred mare, suffered a slab fracture and I was advised to put her down. After about 3 months of IoniCare treatment the fracture healed. Although she didn't race again, she became a brood mare and she is still OK."

G. Owings

Comet, Warmblood, Nokomis Farm

"Comet, a 4-year old filly suffered an apical fracture of the sesamoid bone as a 2-year old. When she was 4 we discovered she had re-fractured the bone and this in turn affected the suspensory ligament. We used the IoniCare System for about 3 months and she is completely recovered."

Diana Dodge

Proud Flag, Trotter

"Proud Flag injured his left hock in a turnout field at the end of November 2011. He tore the tarsal sheath very badly and had a great deal of fill and soreness. Ice and cold water therapy was used for days 10 to 14. He continued to have a great deal of fill and soreness through the month of December. 
In January I took Proud Flag to Tufts University. He was ultrasounded and it was discovered that there was a great deal of adhesions and it was felt that this is what was causing the large amount of fill and his continued soreness.
Several options were discussed, including removing the adhesions arthroscopically. 
I decided to try the IoniCare device instead. I have been treating 3 hours per day, 5 days a week for the past 4 months. I have kept Proud Flay in training, gradually increasing his work load to a point where he is about ready to race within several weeks.
His fill has completely gone in the upper region of the hock, leaving only a very small area below the hock. He is sound and has been for the past 3 months."

Joseph Flynn
South Grafton, MA

Prime Devil, Thoroughbred

"Prime Devil, a 2 year old with bucked shins. With daily treatment with the IoniCare System he is back in training. Great results."

Carlo E. Vaccarezza

Cooper County, Thoroughbred, Briar Lane Farm

"Cooper County had a "J" fracture as a 2 year old. IoniCare treatment was used for about 3 months and he was able to return to racing. He earned over $300,000 before he was claimed last summer as a 6 year old. He's still running."

G. Owings

Pass the Popcorn, Trotter

"As a 3-year old, our trotter Pass the Popcorn had problems with coffin and ankle joints. Acid [HA] was used and she had some success in stakes, but had soreness  problems throughout the summer.  
In the fall, after a month of rest and no acid or corticosteroids, I used nothing but the IoniCare device 3 hours per day, 5 days a week. She finished her 3-year old season with 4 wins in a row.
I did her coffin joints and ankles with acid and corticosteroids in January and paced her and she did poorly. I gave her the month of February off and treated her for EPM. The IoniCare System was used again on her ankles and coffin areas, 3 hours per day, 5 days a week. 
Popcorn has received no HA in the coffin joint or ankle since January 2012. She has raced 8 times with 2 wins, 1 second, and 3 thirds. On June 12, 2012 she ran her best time of 1:57.3, 2/5 off the track record for mares."

Joseph Flynn
South Grafton, MA

Grand Prix Dressage Horse

"A 16-year old dressage horse competing at the Grand Prix level went lame in his left hind fetlock while at a show. The ultrasound showed lesions in his fetlock and the vet recommended stall rest during the recovery. Although after several months the ultrasound showed the lesion had apparently healed, the horse was still uncomfortable in work and couldn't progress without going lame again. In early February, we started him on treatment with the IoniCare System. We used the specially mad foot-fetlock pad every day for three hours. He went back on stall rest and hand walking during the first four weeks of treatment. After the four weeks, we began tack walking him and he was visibly more comfortable. By eight weeks of treatment he was walking and trotting lightly several days a week without any lameness issues. After twelve weeks of treatment he was back in moderate work and still sound in his left hind fetlock. We continue to use the IoniCare System to help maintain him throughout his work routine. He is still currently sound and working regularly. The best part of the IoniCare System is that he hasn't needed any other treatment such as injections or other supplements."

Marco Bernal
April 2013

Her Latest Flame, Thoroughbred

"We thought this horse was finished due to a chronic problem with the right front ankle. After successfully treating the foot and ankle with the IoniCare System, we had a number of close second place finishes. Now the horse has retired to become a show horse."

C. Beale (Woodberry) Payne, Thoroughbred Trainer

Run A Tab, Trotter

"As a 2-year old, Run A Tab sustained fractures of the third carpal bone in both knees. The IoniCare System was applied to both knees for several months. No other therapy was used. The injury occurred in August and X-rays taken in January showed perfect healing. Run A Tab had no problem with knees while continuing to race as a 3, 4 or 5-year old before being retired for breeding purposes. As a 4-year old, Run A Tab did a mile in 1:57.75."

Joseph Flynn
South Grafton, MA

Afleet Magic, Thoroughbred

"Aflleet Magic, a 5 year old thoroughbred, had lots of issues. Treating with the IoniCare System got him back to the races."

Carlo E. Vaccarezza

Servi Energia, Thoroughbred

"This thoroughbred filly was a nightmare when she was brought in. Poor conformation had led to severe foot problems, particularly the right foot, along with a high suspensory issue, and developing problem in the left foot. She had placed third in her maiden race, but now we just could not get her sound. We tried to race at Colonial, but the jockey scratched her at the starting gate. In a last ditch effort we started treating her with the IoniCare System. After treating her for about one month, she was much improved and we raced her. She finished 7th by 7 lengths [Colonial 7/23/11]. We concluded she had been brought back too soon. We treated her for another six weeks and then she raced at Charles Town (5th Race) on September 22 and won easily. She will be kept on the unit for maintenance to control the problems arising from her poor conformation."

C. Beale (Woodberry) Payne, Thoroughbred Trainer

[Update, 1/30/12: Since her win on 9/22/11, Servi Energiahas has raced four more times, placing 3rd, 4th, 2nd, and winning again on 1/27/12. She continues regular treatment with the IoniCare System.]

NOTE: While treatment with the System can result in improvement in a condition, IT DOES NOT ASSURE WINNING

See interview with Woodberry and Dr. Flynn on Servi Energia.

Mikey, Warmblood, Nokomis Farm

"Mikey, a 2-year old warm blood gelding suffered a deep cut into the left hock, clear down to the canon bone. In healing the hock became very unsightly due to the reaction of the bone. The canon bone was wide from side to side and the entire hock down to the mid canon region widened. The IoniCare System was used about 3 hours every day for about 6 months and the bone has shrunk and the appearance of the hock is much more normal."

Diana Dodge

Single Spice, Trotter

"As a 2 to 5-year old, Single Spice had off and on foot and ankle problems. Traditional rest and acid [HA] injections to the coffin and ankles and also shock wave were tried, but no help.
Starting in October of 2005, when he was 6, the IoniCare System was applied to the foot and ankle on a regular basis averaging 5 days a week at 3 hours per day.
In 2005, after starting and continuing on the IoniCare System, Spice had 7 starts with one win, 2 seconds and 3 thirds--6 out of 7 in the money.
I kept him on IoniCare and as a 7 and 8-year old Spice raced 40 times, with 12 wins, 8 seconds and 6 thirds. As an 8-year old, Spice raced several times on a half-mile track and won his last start for me at Yonkers Raceway. He had never been able to race on a small, half-mile track before. The turns would bother his coffin joints.
Spice at this time was the soundest he had ever been. I sold Spice and he went on to race as a 9 and 10-year old 76 times, adding 9 more wins."

Joseph Flynn
South Grafton, MA

Stocking Stuffer, Thoroughbred

"Stocking Stuffer, a 4 year old Thoroughbred Gelding developed a bowed tendon on his left front leg while in race training. The horse was put on stall rest and treated with ice boots for  week. An ultra sound taken a week later showed acore lesion about one third of the diameter of the tendon.  The horse was then treated with the IoniCare System for 4 hours a day, five days a week for three months. The horse continued stall rest for another two months. At that point another ultra sound showed the lesion was healed. On visual inspection the tendon profile appeared normal and on palpation the tendon was only slightly enlarged compared to the right front leg." 

See ultrasound pictures.

Dressage Horse

"A 12-year old dressage horse competing at the Prix St George and Intermediate 1 level started to show uneven steps in the right hind. We began IoniCare treatment on him immediately as a maintenance precaution. The machine was attached for three hours after the horse worked every day. There was no sensitivity or swelling to the right hind before or during the treatment period. The IoniCare System helped to stimulate the body's natural healing process, which is why the horse has been able to progress in his training without any soundness issues. After twelve weeks of treatment, the right hind showed more push and power when the horse works. We continue to treat the horse daily to maintain its health as its work load increases."

Marco Benal
April 2013

Miss Cedar Key, Thoroughbred

"Miss Cedar Key, a 2 year old filly had shins. She was very tender when they got her, and treatment with the IoniCare System is working well. She ran the first time at Calder (8/21/11) and finished second."

Carlo E. Vaccarezza

Grand Prix Dressage Horse

"A 12-year old dressage horse competing at the Grand Prix level was having a very difficult time during work. He was showing short and uneven steps in his right hind fetlock and was becoming inconsistent in his work. We were using the IoniCare System on one of our other horses and had seen positive improvement with him, so we began our Grand Prix horse on treatment on February 7, 2013. Although he was only showing stress on the right hind, we decided to treat him on both fetlocks with the specially fitted fetlock pad. Since he was not currently competing, we lightened his work load and put the machine on him for three hours a day, six days a week. He showed some improvement after four weeks of treatment, but we could tell he wasn't completely comfortable in the higher level work. So we continued to keep the work easy and after eight weeks he was noticeably more comfortable and showed more push and carriage thought the Grand Prix test. By twelve weeks of treatment he was extremely more connected from behind and was using his back in a much softer manner. He was finally using the pushing and carrying power throughout the Grand Prix test without struggling. He continues to use the machine during the week for three hours a day and is working back at the Grand Prix level with more consistency than ever before."

Marco Bernal
May 2013

Four Damsels, Trotter

"Four Damsels developed arthritic knees which threatened her racing career. Out of options, my veterinarian recommended I try the IoniCare System. After talking to a fellow trainer who was using the System with success, I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did. I treated her every day and she was able to continue to race. She was able to race 2 years as a 3- and 4-year old, and placed second in two big races for a couple hundred thousand dollars, and I know that with the machine she wouldn't have made it. I have nothing but good things to say about the IoniCare System."

George Ducharme
Norfolk, MA
April 2014